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The O’Scia concert held last Saturday at the Valletta Waterfront with the participation of top Italian cantautori Claudio Baglioni, Gianni Morandi and Riccardo Cocciante evoked different emotions in everyone present, however one of the highlights for the numerous Winter Moods fans in attendance was surely the memorable interpretation of ˜Marigold’ by Claudio Baglioni together with Winter Moods.

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marigold-002.jpg Photo by Ivan P Vella

Baglioni walked on stage unannounced during the first notes of ˜Marigold’, took his place on the grand piano and played along with the band. He surprised the crowd when he started singing the second verse of the song, and continued accompanying Ivan Grech in his unique singing style, making this interpretation of ˜Marigold’ one of the highlights of Winter Moods’ career.

œOur performance at the O’Scia concert on Saturday was exhilarating and emotional, said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods and author of ˜Marigold’. œThe response from the crowd was stimulating and charged us to give our best on stage. We were truly having a great time performing to such an amazing audience.

œSinging along with Baglioni, was an incredible experience. He is a true gentleman and a great musician. He listened to Marigold, loved it and agreed to perform it on stage with us on Saturday. I wrote this song about my mother, and Baglioni was one of her favourite musicians, so sharing ˜Marigold with him was very emotional.

˜Marigold’ has attained unprecedented local success in the local music scene. It was released earlier this year and reached the top of local charts on all major radio stations. ˜Marigold’ is a typical Winter Moods ballad which has captured the nation’s hearts.

Continuing on the song’s success, the video of ˜Marigold’ recently won the local selection for the OGAE Video contest 2007 and will be representing Malta in OGAE Video Contest which is being organized by OGAE Italy. Also participating in this contest are top international artists Dolores O’Riordan (former Cranberries), Tiziano Ferro and Dana International.

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I wanna see you in Palermo!!!!
I’m one of your sicilian fans!
MARIGOLD is my favourite song… The Maltese girl I am together with and I chose it as our song…!!!

All The Best…
and come to PMO soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!