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Watch New Video For My Neverland

Winter Moods have launched a video for their latest hit single ‘My Neverland’. The video was filmed, directed and produced by Ian Schranz, assisted by Mark Casha.

One can watch the video in the Media Section

‘We are very happy to have worked together with Ian on this video, his innovative ideas and filming technique have made this video unique,’ said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods. ‘ ‘My Neverland’ is one of my personal favourites, already a favourite with a lot of people, and we are happy to celebrate it with a video.’

‘These are very busy times for Winter Moods, we are busy promoting the new album whilst rehearsing continuously on the upcoming concert, but feedback has been great and we are thankful for all the support,’ concluded Ivan.

‘My Neverland’ is the second single from Winter Moods’ new album Argento which was launched last month. Argento is available for sale from local record shops and online at

Winter Moods have also announced a mega-concert which will take place at The Granaries, Floriana on the 28th July. The concert is organised by NnG Promotions and sponsored by Vodafone. Tickets for the concert at €15 are available from all Vodafone, Agenda and Exotique outlets or from There is also a limited time offer of two tickets for the price of one offer that is also available to all Vodafone subscribers from Vodafone only.

Winter Moods are supported by Vodafone Malta Limited, Malta International Airport, Hamilton Travel, KIA Motor, Pulse Fitness Studio u Olimpus.

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3 Responses to “Watch New Video For My Neverland”


aw Wainter moods Jien Matthew Mramra

Alan Attard says:

Hey guys nice video… really liked the fast foward effect…. brought out the meaning of the song… can’t wait for the mega concert next month…. btw nice new album… :)


really great guys keep it up….. i really like the effect of the video make really things look like cartoon especially the one at the Freeport.. small request what about a video for something about your eyes :) really keep humming it and sing it over and over