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Winter Moods have released their new single ‘Closer’ on all radio stations. This song is the first single from the band’s new EP which is due for release in April. All proceeds from Winter Moods’ upcoming EP will be donated to SOS Animals Malta, an animal welfare fund set up to help sick, injured and abandoned animals.

“We are happy to be back on the airwaves,” said Winter Moods’ frontman, Ivan Grech. “We are currently finalising the work on our latest project – the EP which will include ‘Closer’ as well as three other songs. We are pleased that all proceeds from the EP will be going to SOS Animals Malta.”

‘Closer’ was recorded at Temple Studios and was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by David Vella, who also worked on the band’s previous CD albums.

SOS Animals Malta was set up to collect funds for distribution to where money is most needed in the animal welfare field in Maltese islands. This organisation is made up of a group of animal welfare societies in Malta which are involved in both education and action in the animal welfare field in the Maltese islands.

To help SOS Animals Malta one can make donations via SMS on 50616000 for a donation of 50 cents, on 50617358 for a donation of Lm1, on 50618071 for a donation of Lm2, on 50618914 for a donation of Lm3 and on 50619209 for a donation of Lm5.

Winter Moods are supported by Vodafone Malta , Peugeot, Air Malta , Hamilton Travel, The Alley, Jamesons and Onvol.

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