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Winter Moods are back with ‘The Journey’

Winter Moods are back a new song from their last critically acclaimed album The Journey.

The song, also called ‘The Journey’ was set to be released last year in the lead up to the band’s 35- year anniversary celebrations, which was supposed to be followed by a Winter Moods mega concert. All plans for the highly anticipated event were disrupted due to The Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Journey was inspired a truly special 14-year old young friend Juan Barbara. Juan met the band backstage while filming a kids’ TV programme during a performance at the Beland Music Festival in Zejtun in May 2012, and later accompanied Winter Moods on stage for a singalong.

‘That night with Juan was unforgettable. Together we connected with a crowd that gave us both, but most deservedly Juan, a truly overwhelming, reassuring, loud cheer,’ said Ivan Grech. ‘Young Juan was bravely battling cancer, yet he showed no weakness. All he cared about was helping others and making sure that people around him were smiling and happy. We kept in touch and crossed paths again with Juan and his wonderful family. He also came to play guitar with us in our studio shortly after the concert. This song is a tribute to brave Juan. The hope he left behind will not decay…’

Sadly Juan passed away later that year at the age of 14 years.

‘The Journey’ takes Winter Moods back to the core of their musical roots. ‘The song just took its own path and follows no rules or style,’ said Ivan. ‘It is built on heart-felt emotions from true feelings. The Journey was inspired by our meetings with Juan. It is a tribute to him and all children whose journey on this earth is sadly cut short. Too many questions will remain unanswered, so I’d rather sing about their presence rather than their absence. I’d rather sing about their journey rather than their passing.’

One can watch the video on

Talking about Winter Moods’ upcoming plans, Ivan said, ‘We are hoping to do our 35th anniversary concert next year. It will be two years late, but we cannot wait to get back on stage and feel the vibe of a live audience singing our songs.’


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