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Winter Moods Everlasting Now on Radio

Winter Moods are back on radio with a new song. ‘Everlasting’ is a powerful strong ballad, in the style that Winter Moods have become renowned for. The band launched the song during the final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

“Sometimes you work for days, weeks and months to find the right words and melodies, then a magical moment happens… a chord and a melody and there’s goose bumps. Emotions give birth to song and it make sense. It takes a life of its own. ‘Everlasting’ is one of those songs. It is hard to explain. I am in love with this song, it is special and I know we will be singing it together in concert – one heart, one voice.”

‘Everlasting’ follows in the success of the band’s hit, ‘Days of My Life’ which topped local charts in the past months. Both songs are taken from the band’s upcoming new album which is due for release before Summer.

The music and lyrics of ‘Everlasting’ are by Ivan Grech. The song was recorded and produced by David Vella at Temple Studios, Mistra Malta.

Winter Moods are supported by Renault, Hamilton Travel, DAB, BMIT Ltd. and Olimpus Music.

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