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Winter Moods have launched their third CD album Butterfly House. The new CD will be on sale from all record shops on Monday 17th March.

Butterfly House consists of 11 original Winter Moods songs and includes ‘Come To You’, the first single from this CD album which was released on all radio stations earlier this year. ‘Come To You’ topped all local radio charts and was the first local hit to reach the number one position on Bay’s Weekly Top 40 on 89.7 Bay, and to retain this position for three consecutive weeks. This chart is compiled weekly according to radio airplay and requests from listeners.

Winter Moods’ new CD album contains a mixture of ballads and upbeat songs. In Butterfly House, whilst retaining the style of music of their previous top-selling CD album ‘Morning Ale’, Winter Moods also introduced brighter sounds and a live feel to the songs, resulting in a more mature outcome.

Winter Moods started working on Butterfly House in October 2001. They secluded themselves at a friend’s farmhouse in Gozo for a couple of days where they composed the first song of the CD album ‘All The Time In The World’. The name of the farmhouse, ‘Dar il-Friefet’ also provided the inspiration for the CD title.

Butterfly House was recorded at Temple Studios and was produced, engineered and mixed by David Vella, who also worked on the band’s previous CD albums. David Vella also provided additional keyboards, sound effects and percussions on for Butterfly House. Mastering was done by Beppe Fellegara. Song number 6, ‘Friends’, features John McDonough on oboe. Whilst top local DJ’s Joe Tanti and Gianni are guest backing vocals on song number 8, ‘Lesson One’.

The creative direction of the CD sleeve of Butterfly House, including design and digital imaging was carried out by Andrei Xuereb. Whilst all photography on the sleeve was by Emmanuel Caruana, coordinated and assisted by Adrian J. Mizzi.

Winter Moods would like to credit the late Prof. Carmelo Robinich (1904 – 1983) for the head sculpture on the cover of the CD sleeve.

Winter Moods are Ivan Grech (vocals & keyboards), Melvin Caruana (electric & acoustic guitars), Joseph Rizzi (bass & vocals), Steve Caruana Smith (electric guitars), Etienne Robinich (keyboards & sound effects) and James Vella (drums).

Winter Moods are sponsored by Vodafone Malta Ltd, The Alley, Michael Attard Ltd, Air Malta, Hamilton Travel, Video On Line and Jamesons Irish Whisky, and also supported by X&Roo, The Ice Man, Sirap Computers, Department of Youth & Sport, Band Air Music, Oscar Videos, Gutenberg and Digiplus. Winter Moods equipment is supplied by Olimpus Music.
Butterfly House is dedicated to the memory
of family and friends lost along the years

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