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Winter Moods have officially launched their latest EP ‘Closer’, in aid of local animal welfare charities. The EP contains fours songs, including the band’s latest single, also titled ‘Closer’, and another new song ‘Not Enough (for Africa)’. Also on this EP are two new recordings of previous Winter Moods hits – ‘Everyday Song’ which features the Voices choir, and an acoustic version of ‘Come to You’, taken from a recording of a live Radio Voyager session. The EP will be available for sale from all local music shops and Vodafone Retail Outlets at Lm2.50.

‘Closer’ will go on sale on Sunday 17th April, exclusively from Exotique in Baystreet after an acoustic performance by Winter Moods at 2pm.

“Our involvement with local animal charities has brought us in contact with several individuals who voluntarily donate their time, energy and money daily to assist animals in need – dogs and cats that are abandoned or ill-treated and left to die on our roads. These people go out of their way, at any time of day, to save an animal’s life,” said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods during a press conference at Henry J. Bean’s, St Julians. “Closer is a tribute to these people, whom we consider ‘local heroes’, and we hope that the proceeds from this project will assist them, albeit in a small way in their mission.”

‘Closer’ is fully supported by Vodafone Malta Limited. The company covered all costs relating to the making of the EP, so that all the proceeds could be donated to the animal welfare charities.

“Vodafone is glad to support Winter Moods in this philanthropic project. Every Winter Moods fan who acquires a copy of ‘Closer’ will thus be making a donation to SOS Animals Malta,” said Paul Bahia, Chief Commercial Officer at Vodafone Malta Ltd. “Vodafone’s association with Winter Moods is providing the band’s fans with a number of value added services through exclusive content on Vodafone live! New Winter Moods content will be added in the coming days, including the ringtone of ‘Closer’ and the latest band wallpaper.”

All proceeds from ‘Closer’ will be donated to SOS Animals Malta, a voluntary organisation that was set up to collect funds for distribution to where money is most needed in the animal welfare field in Maltese islands. This organisation is made up of a group of animal welfare societies in Malta. Animal organisations that will benefit from the Winter Moods project include the Association for Abandoned Animals, Island Sanctuary, National Cat Society, St Francis Foundation for Animals, Noah’s Ark, Support for Animals and more.

“I would like to thank Winter Moods for their noble initiative. SOS Animals Malta has been set up primarily for helping sick, injured and abandoned animals. The proceeds from this project will go in an animal welfare fund managed by a group of societies in Malta which are involved in the education and action in the animal welfare field,” said Carmelo Serracino Inglott, Chairman of SOS Animals Malta. “I hope that through this project the Maltese community will appreciate the daily work that is carried out by volunteers in local animal sanctuaries and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage more animal lovers to join a sanctuary and give a helping hand.”

‘Closer’ was recorded at Temple Studios and was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by David Vella.

“Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone involved in this project. We have worked with several people during the past weeks that went out of their way to assist us on this charity project. I would also like to thank the shops who will be selling this EP at no profit, so that every single cent can be deposited in the Animal Welfare Fund,” concluded Ivan Grech.

One can support SOS Animals Malta by making a donation via SMS on 50616000 for a donation of 50 cents, on 50617358 for a donation of Lm1, on 50618071 for a donation of Lm2, on 50618914 for a donation of Lm3 and on 50619209 for a donation of Lm5.

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