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On Sunday 19th October Winter Moods will be performing live at The Blues Room, Bugibba (next to Empire Cinema Complex) in aid of the Association for Abandoned Animals. Doors will be open at 6pm and the evening will kick off with a series of acoustic performances by top local artists. One can make donations to AAA by sending an SMS to 50615025 for a donation of 25 cents, to 50616050for a donation of 50 cents and to 50617350 for a donation of Lm1.

The Association For Abandoned Animals (AAA) is a voluntary organisation run by Mr Alfred Fenech (well known as Freddie) who looks after more than 250 dogs. These dogs have been taken in his care after being abandoned by their owners or found ill-treated and severely hurt across Malta. Freddie receives numerous calls to collect dogs that have been harmed and left to die on our streets.

“I get calls during day and night, the situation locally is worse than one can imagine,” said Freddie. “We currently have over 250 dogs in our care; they are loving beings who crave love and attention. Some of them are missing an eye or a tail following some unconceivable cruelty that was inflicted on them.”

Water is needed daily to care for the dogs. Recently Freddie received a water bill of Lm3,300. This prompted Winter Moods together with to organise an event to help raise awareness about the precious work carried out daily by AAA and other similar local organisations, and at the same time to help raise funds to pay the water bill.

“There isn’t much the dogs can do to fight for their rights, they can only bark and that will not get them anywhere. So it is up to us to raise awareness and help these dogs have a decent life,” said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods. “During Sunday’s concert, Winter Moods together with some of our friends from the local music scene, will be lending our voices to these dogs’ plight and hope to raise enough funds to enable Freddie to continue doing such a good job in taking care of our four-legged friends.” is a local website that every month tackles a different topic. The site covered the local situation about abandoned dogs and the cruelty inflicted on them in their September issue and brought to light numerous horrifying truths.

“Dudu planet aims to inform, educate and entertain, by the power of self-expression. Be it literature, art, music or any other medium” said Andrei Xuereb, one of the founders of “Every month we investigate a particular subject thoroughly and raise awareness about it amongst the members of our ever growing web surfers community. This time we did not stop at that. Together with Winter Moods we are organising this event to raise awareness about the help needed by AAA and are sure that the generous Maltese public will help.”

Winter Moods concert will take place on Sunday 19th at the Blues Room in Bugibba. Several renowned guests have confirmed their participation; these include Ira Losco, Gianni, Corkskrew, Scar, Filletti & Friends, Jeremy & Fiona, Ozi Lino & Aldo, Hiddensun and Crosswalk, all of whom will be performing acoustic. There performances will be followed by Winter Moods full live performance which will also be transmitted live on A3 FM (on 101.8FM).

There are several prizes to be won on the night for everyone attending the concert. These include meals at The Avenue, Bacchus, Jakarta, La Maltija, Medina, Wild Thyne, Il-Veduta, Rebekah’s and prizes from Forestals, Sta. Lucia Confectionery, Sue Rossi Modelling Agency, Gaba Diamonds, Delicata Winery, Magri Autocare, Michael and Guy, Mondial Casa, Vodafone Malta Ltd, as well as jewellery from Jewels and Co. Inspirational Jewellers.

Representatives of AAA will be present at The Blues Room to assist anyone who would like further information about adopting a puppy.

Everyone can participate in this event by making a donation to AAA by sending an SMS to 50615025 for a donation of 25 cents, to 50616050for a donation of 50 cents, to 50617350 for a donation of Lm1, to 50618060 for a donation of Lm2, to 50618910 for a donation of Lm3 and to 51619200 for a donation of Lm5.

Winter Moods are supported by Vodafone Malta, Peugeot, Air Malta, Hamilton Travel, The Alley, Jamesons and Video On Line.

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