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The awareness campaign in aid of the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) organised by Winter Moods together with and A3FM has raised a total of Lm11,203.50. This campaign reached a peak last Sunday at The Blues Room in an event attended by hundreds of people and which featured a live Winter Moods performance, as well as live acoustic performances by Ira Losco, Corkskrew, Scar, Jeremy, Fiona & Jeffrey, Crosswalk, Ivan Filletti, Ozzy Lino, Aldo & Beverly, Bitterside and Boris & Charles.

During the past weeks members of Winter Moods were actively involved in promoting the work of AAA and encouraging the general public to make donations via SMS numbers. These funds were required to settle AAA’s outstanding water bill of Lm3,300. Water is needed abundantly by AAA to look after the 260 dogs housed within its walls.

“We would like to thank everyone who helped us raise awareness about the situation AAA was facing and most of all the general public who responded so enthusiastically to our appeal,” said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods. “Not only have we managed to settle AAA’s pending water bill, but the association now has enough funds to be able to provide a better living for the dogs.”

Over Lm8,000 of the total sum generated were raised via SMS donations, a further Lm1,000 were raised during Sunday’s event at The Blues Room, whilst approximately Lm2,000 were collected through donations made personally by the general public, most of whom went to visit the association’s premises in Luqa.
“I would like to thank Winter Moods and duduplanet for their noble initiative. There has never been so much awareness about our organisation and the work we carry out daily with dogs in need,” said Freddie Fenech, who looks after the dogs at AAA. “Besides settling the pending water bill, we also have to pay Lm150 weekly in rent for the current premises, thus the fantastic sum raised by Winter Moods will make our lives and especially the dogs’ lives so much better! Furthermore we will also be able to buy medicine for the dogs, and provide them with a better living environment. “

Winter Moods and duduplanet would like to thank all the following who helped making this event such a big success; John Bundy and all DJs at A3FM, Enigma Productions, Super 1, Net TV, Sound System, Government Printing Press and all journalists who supported this initiative. Most of all, a heartfelt thank you goes out to the bands and musicians who performed during Sunday’s event at The Blues Room and to Planet Dave for hosting the event.

The public can continue assisting AAA by making SMS donations to 50615025 for a donation of 25 cents, to 50616050 for a donation of 50 cents, to 50617350 for a donation of Lm1, to 50618060 for a donation of Lm2, to 50618910 for a donation of Lm3 and to 51619200 for a donation of Lm5.

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