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Winter Moods Return for a Concert in Ghaxaq on May 27th

Winter Moods are returning to Ghaxaq for a live concert on Friday 27th May at 8pm. The concert is being organised by the Saint Joseph Band Club and benefactor Wilfred Spiteri. It will be held in the Ghaxaq Football Ground and entrance is free of charge. Donations will be collected at the entrance for Puttinu Cares For Children Fund. Special guests at this year’s concert will be Chasing Pandora.

Music concerts in Ghaxaq have become an annual event. The Saint Joseph Band Club will be keeping its annual musical appointment and organising another professional concert one week before the feast of St Joseph, which is going to be celebrated on the 5th of June in Ghaxaq.

The President of the St. Joseph Band Club Ghaxaq, Mr. Marvic Abela explained that this year’s concert is being organised on a national scale and will once again feature Malta’s most popular band. ‘When we invited Winter Moods in 2009, the public’s response was so overwhelming that we had to move the event from the main square to the Football Ground. Following their numerous achievements since then, including last year’s concert at Fosos, a new album and various awards we are pleased to have them back to celebrate with us.’

Mr Abela continued by thanking Mr Wilfred Spiteri for his support, both financially and in the organisation of this event. He said, ‘Without Mr Spiteri’s help the club, which is a non-governmental organisation, would certainly be not capable of offering such concerts free of charge.’

The organisers will once again introduce an element of social solidarity during the concert. Whilst the concert will have a free entrance, people will be encouraged to make a charitable donation at the door. The organisation benefitting from this year’s concert will be Puttinu Cares for Children Fund. Donations can also be made via SMS on 50617380 for a €2.33 donation, 50618939 for a €6.99 donation, and 50619225 for a €11.65 donation.

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One Response to “Winter Moods Return for a Concert in Ghaxaq on May 27th”

diane azzopardi says:

jien ghadni kemm hdimt 3 tijiem gol kcina fl attivita li organizzaw beland band zejtun. jien nahdem ghal puttinu cares ghax gejt bzonnhom 4 darbiet jekk tixtiequ xi ghajnuna ghal nhar is sibt lesta li nigi grazzi u keep it up