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On Friday 13 th August, Malta ’s top rock band opened the show on the main stage at Cologne ’s annual music festival, Ring Fest. The band’s performance was attended by over 7,000 Germans who responded enthusiastically to Winter Moods’ music.

Although the start of the festival was delayed by rain showers and a hurricane warning, Winter Moods took centre stage at 7pm and entertained the crowd with their most popular tracks, including ‘Come To You’, ‘Everyday Song’, ‘Water’ and ‘Eyes Open Wide’.

Winter Moods were invited to perform at the Ring Fest by German Radio WDR2, after they won the Europa XXL competition, which was held in April. The WDR stage is the main stage at the Ring Fest and showcases some of the most popular bands in Germany which this year included Orange Blue and Fury in the Slaughterhouse.

“This was another great experience beyond the Maltese shores, probably the best to date. We went to Germany intent on giving our utmost, and encountered a most welcoming and warm audience that responded enthusiastically to our music. This was very encouraging considering that they were hearing our songs for the first time,” said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods.

This was the Winter Moods’ fourth trip beyond the Maltese shores; they have previously also performed in France , Cyprus and Rome .

Winter Moods would like to thank the staff at Air Malta both in Malta and in Frankfurt for their support in their trip.

Winter Moods are supported by Vodafone Malta , Peugeot, Air Malta , Hamilton Travel, The Alley, Jamesons and Onvol.

For more information about Winter Moods one can log on to the band’s website

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