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Winter Moods’ Success in Rome

During the past days, top local band Winter Moods have performed live in the Italian capital city of Rome. Winter Moods played their original songs to an enthusiastic Italian audience in two concerts.

On Friday 11th July, at 10:30pm the band took centre stage at Rome’s Hard Rock Café, which is situated in the heart of the capital city. The venue was packed with Italian and foreign patrons who responded to Winter Moods tunes and who’s enthusiastic feedback encouraged the band to continue playing more tracks than their original planned set.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere”, said Ivan Grech, Winter Moods’ front man. “Most of the audience present were hearing our music for the first time and they immediately liked it. They came up the stage, shouted encouraging comments in between songs and cheered to our music.”

“It was a great honour to have Winter Moods perform at Hard Rock Café in Roma. Their music and stage-presence won over the audience and all the staff present on the night,” said Barbara Legnani, Sales & Marketing Manager at Hard Rock Café, Rome. “We look forward to having them perform at our Café again in the near future.”

On Saturday 12th July, Winter Moods were also invited to perform at Villa Comunale in Cassino. The performance was being held outside, and although threatened with rain throughout the day, luckily nothing happened to hinder the performance. Also present were members of the Senglea local council, who earlier in the day signed a twining agreement with the Comune di Cassino. Winter Moods played a selection of songs from their most recent CD albums ‘Butterfly House’ and ‘Morning Ale’.

“The audience in Cassino was more mature than that at Hard Rock, however the response was just as enthusiastic,” said Ivan. “Everyone appreciated our music and we were approached by numerous new Italian fans asking for more information about us and where we come from. We have made a lot of new contacts during our short trip and we look forward to returning to Italy for more performances in future.”

This was the third trip abroad for Winter Moods. In June 2000 the band performed at a Music Festival in Belfort, France, whilst in September last year they were invited to headline the Cyprus Music Festival in Nicosia.

Winter Moods released their third CD album, ‘Butterfly House’ earlier this year. All tracks released from this album reached the top positions in local music charts and were also added to the playlist of American radio station, Radio Voyager. This radio station has been playing Winter Moods’ music since March 2001. To date there are five Winter Moods songs in Radio Voyager’s playlist: Everyday Song, Lay Down, Adrenaline, Eyes Open Wide and Come To You. The latter two songs are currently in Radio Voyager’s Top 25 Music Chart.

In the coming weeks Winter Moods will be performing at top local venues in the Maltese Islands.

Winter Moods would like to thank all the following for their support in their trip to Rome: Mr John Saliba at Air Malta, Barbara and all at Hard Rock Café Roma, Mr Arthur Gauci, Mr Joseph Casha and the Senglea Local Council.

Winter Moods are supported by Vodafone Malta, Peugeot, Air Malta, Hamilton Travel, The Alley, Jamesons and Video On Line.

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