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Winter Moods were confirmed as the top selling artists for 2006. The band released its fourth CD album, Ordinary Men, just three months ago. Winter Moods’ second release from this album, Marigold, is currently also at the top of the charts of local radio stations.

“Winter Moods have been the best selling artists at Exotique for a number of years, said Miguel Borg at Exotique. œThey outsold all other artists again in 2006. Since the band released Morning Ale, they have featured regularly at the top of our charts. Ordinary Men is another top seller for Winter Moods.”

Ordinary Men is currently the top selling album in Exotique’s chart, a position it already held soon after its release in November. The CD album is also at the top of D’Amato Record Shop’s CD sales chart, second only to the Bay Music Awards CD compilation which includes Winter Moods’ first single Lonely Vegas, and the band’s lead singer, Ivan Grech singing on It’ll Be Alright.

œWinter Moods have an unbeatable track record. All their CD albums have topped our record charts. Ordinary Men is doing very well, whilst Morning Ale and Butterfly House are still very much in demand, said Joe D’Amato of D’Amato Record Shop. œThe band has once again been the top seller of the past year.

Marigold, the second song from Ordinary Men to hit the local airwaves, is currently in the number one position on both 89.7 Bay, as well as 100.2, where it is leading for the second week running.

œMarigold is definitely my favourite track from Ordinary Men, said Carlo Borg Bonaci, Station Manager of 100.2. œThe amount of requests we receive for the song constantly come as no surprise. It is a rock ballad big enough to knock off U2′s Window in the Skies from the top spot after three consecutive weeks. Well done to all the boys!

Nick Gatt, Music Manager at 100.2 said, “ is always delighted to have local artists genuinely topping our chart because the particular track deserves to be at the top. This is definitely the case for Marigold, it went down well with all our broadcasters and most importantly the listeners. Two weeks at the top spot is a great achievement for the band and I don’t see why it can’t spend a third or even fourth week up at the top.”

Terry Farrugia, Station Manager at 89.7 Bay said, œWhile Ordinary Men delivers on the high expectations set by previous Winter Moods albums, the CDs biggest treasure is Marigold; a beautiful piece of work containing emotional depth and introspection impeccably delivered by lead singer Ivan Grech. Once heard, Marigold will certainly not be easily forgotten.

Marigold is Winter Moods’ third number one hit single on 89.7 Bay, following Lonely Vegas, the first single released from Ordinary Men, and Come To You from Butterfly House.

Ordinary Men is available for sale from all record shops.

Following two successful major performances on New Year’s Eve in Victoria, Gozo and at Notte Magica in Valletta, during the coming weeks Winter Moods will be performing at various localities in Malta and Gozo.

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Aaron Borg says:

Dan huwa album vera sabih u bis sens u kieku ikollu jikkompeti mad dinja zgur li ikun milqugh tajjeb.

Ronnie Micallef says:

Great show at Notte Magica. Excellent performance of ‘the tramps’- Xemx !!

Liliana Grech says:

Ordinary Men is a great album and Winter Moods are a fantastic band…a magical performance during Notte Magica….