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Winter Moods were the biggest winners of the Malta Music Awards 2007 taking home five awards:

Best Band

Best Song – Marigold

Best Song Writer – Ivan Grech

Vodafone Ring Tone Award

Vodafone Best Performance Award

This is the fourth time that Winter Moods won the Best Band award at the Malta Music Awards.

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Anna from Senglea says:

Hi Guys,congratulations for all the awards you ve won. You really deserve it!Keep giving us good music,and excellent performances!


proset tal birah al bay music awards!! tal genn ur the best ever band! Ma nixba nismaha qatt marigold difficli tohrog single ohra tajba daqsa!!! hasra li mhix maghrufa ma postijiet ohra. Hope to hear more new music from winter moods!

Jean Paul from Gozo says:

Hey Wintermoods! Congratulations for yesterday’s awards!! You really deserve it, especially for Marigold. Keep up the good music.

IVOR from gozo says:

hi friends,prosit tas sibt ax tajtu live perfomance bomba u tal genn at HENRY J BEAN’S.jien kont em u minn ta lewwel biex narakom iddoqqu.jien dak li hadtlek bidejk xhin dhalt.veru ilbist li kin xiraq al band ax kellek ONE miktuba fuq il flokk u veru ur the only ONE guys.ur the best band in malta.keep it up u ibqaw sejrin ek bhal dejjem,ax ta bhali ikunu kullimkin biex nissapportjawkom.


PROSIT Winter moods I knew that you could win this


hi guys komplu serjin hek intom l aqwa grupp ta malta . u qdin taghmlu isem kbir lil belt taghna ta ISLA goodluck :) :) :}


heqq.. wasnt shocking at all that you won 4 awards… you truly deserve it… i was exactly infront of you whilst performing at the mma… :) … the best part was when the last bit was marigold…. lol… i screamed with jooy coz i thought you were leaving without singing a piece of it… anyway :) … i ll see you at henry j beans. looking forward for the evening :)

tamaraaa :)


Hi Guys,

I was there last friday and really enjoyed myself. i had no doubt that you will win the 4 awards. you deserved them all.Also your performance was brilliant. Keep up the good work.
Good luck for BMA’s. for sure you will win some awards there as well
Good luck for the future

juju from canada says:

hello my friends congratulation for you wing award again guys for me you allways the best band no matter you allways work hard and you guys deserving
its min reward, thats all guys give all my reagurds to my friend WINTERMOODS from juju canada wishing all the best .


Rodnick (ilgobon) says:

proset ta dak kollu li qed tghamlu vann , ur the best mate , xi haga zghira lahwa dawn huma nies mil kottonera so qed nuru li nies li ahna ukoll kapaci fhafna afariejit , kompli ghamilna proud king . ejjaa bobbyyyyyyyyy


Hello, congratulations for the number of awards won, you deserve them all. I was present on Friday: I wanted to be there to hear you play Marigold again and to clap your success, as I was oh so sure you will win.
Mr Grech may you be continuously ‘inspired’ in providing excellent lyrics – more on social justice, tolerance and human dignity (respect for all).
Gentlemen all good wishes for the festive season and throughout 2008

God Bless


u guys r incredible! each new song better than the last.but i think marigold is gives me goosepimples every time i hear it.i hope u continue to make malta proud and cant think of a reason why u cant be as big as u2 to the rest of the world!

IVOR from gozo says:

prosit talli kaxkartu l awards kollha.kont cert li se tirbhu ax lahhar album veru bomba. gudlak al BMAs avolja inkun xol,xorta inkun entuzjast li nistenna ir risultati.
GUDLAK u aktar sucessi


Proset Winter Moods…YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!


proset winter moods. marigold is one of the best songs of alltime. keep it up for the future. good luck for the bma”s


I just wanted to congratulate with you guys for the music awards you won last night. Marigold, Moonshine, Crazy Moon and all your songs are GREAT!!! Looking forward to see you during the BMAs… Wish you luck and more success.


Proset Winter Moods..I knew Marigold was going to win an Award..I wished I spoke to you yesterday guys but you looked so busy coming in and out for the AWARDS :) Wish you more LUCK and HAPPINESS for your Future..keep singing for our Mums Ivan..God Bless You all xxx