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Band to perform live in ‘WDR2-Europa XXL Show’ in Duisburg,Germany in June

Malta in a competition amongst bands from the ten countries which joined the European Union on May 1st and placed first. As a result, Winter Moods will be performing live in the ‘WDR2-Europa XXL Show’ which will be held in Duisburg, Germany on June 13th.   “It is always difficult to figure out which bands to choose in such projects. But sometimes –though rarely – you know from the very start that you’re listening to a very good band with great songs and this makes it easy to decide. It’s even better if the listeners share the same opinion and places the band you put all your hopes in, as the overall winners,” said Andreas Zimmer, Station Manager of WDR2. “Thank you Malta for putting Winter Moods in the race. I’m looking forward to seeing them live very soon, and I’m sure it will be a great experience.” Project Europa XXL was aired on WDR2 in the lead up to May 1st.  As part of this project WDR2 transmitted features about Winter Moods and about Maltese culture, together with similar features about the other 9 countries which joined the EU last Saturday.  The public participated in voting for their favourite band via the internet – which was open to international voters until April 30th, and through televoting on May 1st, which was only open to German listeners.  Soon after the closing of the voting lines on Saturday 1st May, Winter Moods were announced as overall winners and invited to perform at the ‘WDR2-Europa XXL Show’. Siddharta from Slovenia, Brainstorm from Latvia and Support Lesbiens from the Czech Republic who placed second, third and fourth respectively will also be performing at the music festival.  The results of the competition can be viewed on WDR2’s website at   “We are overwhelmed we the result! We were competing against professional musicians, some of whom are signed with top record labels,” said Ivan Grech, frontman of Winter Moods. “We would like to thank our fans who participated in the internet voting.  We are now looking forward to performing in Duisburg on June 13th.”

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